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Welcome to our very first

Beauty Blog!

This week is
How to apply nail polish

Applying nail polish is not easy, (Especially using your less dominant hand!) but with this simple step by step guide, your nails will be looking gorgeous in no time!


Step 1: Apply a basecoat (Some Nail Polishes such as CND Vinylux have a basecoat built into their colours, so always check.)

Step 2: Place a small drop of polish in the middle of your nail, near the cuticle. Push it as close to the cuticle as you can without touching it, then drag all the way to the tip (Free edge) of the nail.

Step 3: Then, Paint the left hand side of the nail, dragging it all the way up to the top. Repeat with the right side.

Most polishes will need a second coat once the first is dry.
Always finish with a top coat to keep your colour sealed in!

 Try out these simple steps & you'll have flawless nails in no time!

Next week, Homecare routines for perfect skin